The best way to show video during a Google Meet

I thought I had addressed this earlier in my blog, but I guess I missed it. A few weeks ago, Google added a “Present a Chrome Tab” option to the Present Screen function in Google Meet. This is the best way to show students a video with synced audio using Google Meet.

I would also recommend that the presenter of the video make sure there are no unnecessary programs or browser tabs running during the presentation. This could contribute to video/audio lag. You will also need to turn off the microphone on the presenting computer to reduce background noise.

Here’s a quick video (from Flipped Classroom Tutorials) which shows you how it’s done:

Google Classroom Cleanup from @ShakeUpLearning

We’ve got three weeks of remote learning left in our district, so it’s time to start thinking about wrapping things up. Here’s a very helpful post from Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning which walks you through some of the steps you might want to take to close out your Google Classrooms. Keep in mind that you can archive your classes and copy them for use next year. This keeps the content and assignments you have created with it but removes all students from the classroom, giving you a clean slate for the new year.