The Great Kindness Challenge

Good afternoon families!

This week our school will be participating in The Great Kindness Challenge.  A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Manganis and Mrs. Reichard for organizing a fun week of kindness!

** Please be sure to check out the spirit day information below! Students are encouraged to wear their TES gear/school colors tomorrow!

Check out the link below for a family edition for Kindness Week if you are interested!

Family Edition

I am ready to begin to send home the Reading Adventure Packs.  These packs contain two books and related activities for you and your child to complete together at home. There are currently four different Reading Adventure Packs that will be in the rotation. Families may sign up for the packs on by clicking on the button below.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

I  missed many of my students last week.  Most of the week we averaged between 9-10 students.  I hope that everyone is feeling better.  The children who were in school worked hard and practiced many skills.  Here are some pictures of them writing consonant-vowel-consonant words (cvc). We will be catching up on our letters from last week and also introducing letters Vv and Ww this week.


















Social Studies lessons will include lessons on the Liberty Bell and the Bald Eagle this week, two important American Symbols.

We have an Arts and Enrichment event this week, The Snow Queen will be visiting the kindergarteners on Thursday for a performance.  We will also have a Stripes Assembly on Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mrs. Strauss


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January Updates

Good afternoon!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful long weekend!

This week in Fundations we will be learning about letters Ll, Hh, and Kk.  Since it’s a short week, we may continue these letters into next week as well.

The children really enjoyed listening to The Star-Spangled Banner in School last week.  Below is the link if your child wishes to practice singing.  We will be adding this song to our morning routine. This week we will be learning about the Liberty Bell.

The Star Spangled Banner

Dad Suggests is a great blog and I cannot read his articles without sharing them with you.  This week he reviews some logic games and while I don’t have any young children in my home, I can’t help but think that these might be some games you may want on your game shelf at home.  Click on the link below to read this week’s article.

Dad suggests logic games from Thinkfun

Last week, we had some children going to the nurse for chapped lips.  If you would like to send chapstick into school with your child, they may keep it in their backpack or in their lunch box.  We try to limit the nurse visits to sick visits to avoid exposure to germs. The nurses recently provided me with the following poster for the classroom.

Class Code – GNNJ3
Order Due Date -01/21/20
Scholastic Book Clubs Class Order Due Date is approaching!

This is a friendly reminder that your Book Clubs orders are due by 01/21/20. You can place your orders online at using my class activation code: GNNJ3.  I’ll be placing our order later tomorrow.

Happy Reading!

Below are a few recommendations from this month’s flyers!

The Word Collector
Paperback Book
Grades PreK – 2
Ages 4 – 7
Reading Level 490L

The Biggest Snowman Ever
Paperback Book
Grades PreK – K
Ages 3 – 5
Reading Level AD500L

Bear Snores On
Paperback Book
Grades Babies & Toddlers – K
Ages 3 – 6
Reading Level AD470L

A big thank you to many of you for completing the survey below.   I have enjoyed reading your responses. If you haven’t done so already, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. I’d love to have input from all families if it is possible.


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A New Year in January

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Good afternoon families!

I am in need of some volunteers to do some jobs for our classroom. There are 4 spots available. Jobs include making playdough, separating Let’s Find Out, preparing Scholastic Book Club orders and preparing or repairing books for our library. If you are interested in one or more of these volunteer opportunities, please click on the button above to sign up.

Thank you to this first grader for reading to our class last week!

The children had fun making these tissue paper snowflakes to decorate our classroom!

Last week, each student made a January calendar to keep in our room to fill out each morning.

These are the words that our class found that begin with letter Rr. Is your family able to add to this list?

During our Reading Workshop lessons, the children have been learning about pattern books. Each student was also able to select 5 books for their reading bags. During our workshop lessons this week, we will continue to read different pattern books and we will be reading the book, Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright. In this pattern book, we are also able to incorporate science lessons and practice reading a thermometer. During other science lessons the children will also be learning about animals that migrate and hibernate.

This week we will begin to become detectives to discover the different types of patterns we are able to find in books. During your reading at home, see if you are able to find pattern books on your child’s bookshelf.

This week’s letters will be Pp and Jj. Our word this week will be go. I will be sending word rings home this week for you to practice sight words at home with your child. 5-10 minutes of practice each night goes a long way in helping your child to become successful in learning his/her words.


In Social Studies, the children have each been given their own magazine to keep in school. Last week they learned about the American Flag. This week they will be learning about our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

We will be wrapping up Unit 4 in our math lessons this week. The children have been learning so much about shapes and they have been enjoying our math stations. They are becoming quite fluent in naming and describing shapes.  I have been impressed with their drawings of shapes. For some a square looks like a rectangle. Keep practicing these shapes at home to improve your child’s success with this skill.  The children have also been using shapes to make new shapes. During the next unit the children will be learning about addition. The following will take place during Unit 5:

  • Students put together two groups of objects to find the sum.
  • Students identify the number of objects in one group and add on another group to find the sum.
  • Students represent a word problem using role-playing, acting out, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations.
  • Students begin working toward fluently adding within 5.

We’ve had a busy 7 days in school since we returned from our holiday break. Last week we counted 80 days in school!  The 100th day is coming up fast. The calendar says January but it feels like spring outside!  I hope you and your children have had a great weekend enjoying the warmer weather. I look forward to seeing my students tomorrow!

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Happy New Year!

Greetings!  It’s been so long since I’ve seen your children’s smiling faces!  I look forward to seeing them all on Thursday.  We’ve got two days this week to get ourselves acclimated back to the school routine.  We will be finishing up some projects and units and also gearing up for the month of January.  Below is the outline of the letters that the children have been learning in our Fundations program. The week of January 7th, we will be on week 7. I’ve attached a portion of the parent letter for week 7 for you to see.

Week 1        t, b, f
Week 2        n,m
Week 3        i, u
Week 4        c, o
Week 5        a, g
Week 6        d, s
Week 7        e,r

The children enjoy thinking of words that begins with each letter: Can your family add any words to the list of our Ss words?

Sight words that we will continue to learn and review for January include: see, I, a, can, we, like, love, go, the, at, and my. In addition to these sight words, the children will also be learning color words, shape words, and the months of the year. We will also be working with word families and make words with -at.  The children have also been learning number words during our math lessons.

The children have been working on their My Book of Map Skills in school. They have enjoyed mapping out our classroom and their bedrooms. We will finish up these books and send them home at the end of the week. In the meantime, here are a few pictures for discussions at home.

























During our next Social Studies unit, the children will learn about flags and American symbols. Our vocabulary words for this unit include flag, symbol, Pledge of Allegiance, loyal, liberty, anthem, freedom, seal, and capital. The curriculum which we will be using for this unit includes grade-level student magazines and also a digital component of the magazine. During our first lesson next week, the children will learn this vocabulary to prepare for our unit.

During our math lessons, the children will continue to analyze, compare, create, draw, and compose 2-D shapes. They are using language to describe their attributes. They also classify shapes according to the attributes they have described.



Please take a minute to check out the two links below. They offer some great tips and ideas for the month of January!

January 2020 Literacy Calendar

Tips for parents of emerging readers!

Enjoy your final day of rest and relaxation together with your family. As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns. I am excited for the new year and the learning and growth that we will be witnessing!  I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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Merry December!

Wow! We certainly changed seasons abruptly! There are still 13 more days for winter to officially arrive! Happy December!

There continues to be quite a bit of snow on the ground and with it comes the challenges of outdoor recess!  We will continue to go out after lunch recess, weather and temperature permitting. If your child wishes to bring snow clothes to play outside in the snow, they must wear boots, snow pants, a warm winter coat, a hat, and gloves. It is helpful if your child is able to dress themselves as there are only a few adults on duty and the children will be responsible for dressing/undressing themselves. An extra pair of socks to keep in their locker is suggested as feet often times end up getting wet. Students who are not dressed for the snow, will need to stay on the pavement during recess. Last week the pavement was icy due to melting and then freezing conditions. The nurses often determine indoor or outdoor recess based on the temperature and safety conditions. If your child wears boots to school, please be sure to have them pack a change of shoes to avoid salt and sand from getting tracked into the classroom. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

We have a busy week ahead!

Cards for Carlos

We will be making  Carlos’ wish come true by sending over 900 cards his way from TES!  Carbon Colors in Dracut will be providing us blank cards for every student and staff member to decorate this week. Cards will be sent to Boston Children’s Hospital in time for the holidays.

In the spirit of giving, our school will also be having a coin drive for Tyngsborough Adopt A Family. The classroom raising the most money will be presented with an indoor recess gift basket! Thank you for your support! Wear your favorite sports team gear on Monday!









Due to the short week last week, we were only able to complete activities related to letter a in our Fundation lessons. This week we will be working on letter Gg, and letter Dd. Lessons include handwriting capital and lowercase, reviewing the sounds, making letter booklets, and creating word lists. If you and your family would like to make word lists for each of these letters, it is helpful for your child when we are generating words. I often give the children clues to see if they can retrieve the word I am thinking of! Ask your child about this handwriting grid! Familiarize yourself with the handwriting prompts for the upcoming letters. It is helpful for your child to learn the correct formation for each letter.

Letter Formation Guide Fundations Lower Case Letters  

Letter Formation Fundations Capital Letters








In our math lessons last week, we continued our unit of composing and decomposing numbers to 10. We will finish up this unit this week. Below you will see the some of the children making combinations of 10 in the photos . In Unit K.4 the focus will be on two -dimensional shapes.  Shapes can be described, classified, and analyzed by their attributes. Two-dimensional shapes can be used to build composite shapes. The parent letter for this unit will be sent home mid week.



We missed seeing Mrs. Manganis last week. Her birthday is tomorrow and we have a special card for her!

In Social Studies the children are working on map skills!  They had fun coloring map symbols. This week we will discuss the compass rose and cardinal directions on the map. The children will also make a map of their bedrooms. Take a look around your child’s bedroom and help them to make a note of the things they should include on their bedroom map. This will be an in-school activity.

Have a great week and as always, let me know of any concerns or questions!

Thank you to these 3rd grade readers for earning 20 behavior bucks and coming to our class to read! We enjoyed your visit!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I hope your day has been filled with many moments which will now become forever memories!  I am very thankful for these children who have brought me much joy over the past few months!

On Wednesday, we had a fun snack time! We welcomed another kindergarten class into our class.  The children had a great time mixing up with other kindergartners and sharing their plans for the upcoming holiday.  At the end of the visit, each of the classes performed a song. Here is the picture of the room 403 turkeys singing Albuquerque Turkey.  Ask your child to sing this song for you!

Have a wonderful long weekend! I look forward to seeing you all next week for conferences!

Mrs. Strauss


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We honor our veterans!

Good evening families!

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing long weekend.

Parent conferences will be on Wednesday, December 4th.  It is an Early Release Day. I will have conferences scheduled every 15 minutes throughout the afternoon and evening. If you click on this link you should be able to sign up for a time of your convenience. If you have any trouble please let me know. I used Sign Up last year and it seemed to work out great! Fingers crossed we will all have the same experience.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

The children enjoyed the veteran’s parade on Friday. We had approximately 20 veterans from our community visit TES. The halls were decorated with red, white, and blue. The children were too!  It was a very moving experience to see these men and women who fought for our country. Thank you, veterans!



























The Let’s Find Out Lesson this week has a great video and a game that students may make their own banner. The classroom code is Strauss403.  The link is on the upper right side of this page. Sign in as a student and enter the code!

Mrs. Manganis’ lesson this week was on whole body listening. The characters in this story were at the zoo.  They needed to listen to one another as they navigated through the zoo.  Some of the children in the story were feeling sad when their friends were not listening.  Ask your child to teach you the animal breathing that we learned during Mrs. Manganis’ visit. It is important to use whole body listening when someone is speaking to you. Encourage whole body listening at home!









Fundations letters we have learned so far include letters, Mm, Nn, Ff, Bb, and Tt. These are photos of the cards we use in school. We have been learning the formation of these letters and practicing the sounds. I have also been encouraging students whose names have these letters to begin to use lowercase. Last week many children were very motivated to start spelling their names using lowercase letters!

















November Chant








Room 403 had a great time celebrating our icecream party!  We also filled our pompom jar and the helpers decided that we would play a game of Wonder Ball!  Mrs. Strauss and Miss Julia even got in on the action!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Say hello to your children for me!



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Halloween Fun in Kindergarten!

The children had fun coming to school dressed for our Early Release Halloween Extravaganza!  Here is a video I created for you!  Enjoy!

The children had fun sharing their October Journals with their classmates last week!
















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Updates from our classroom!

Hello families!  I can’t believe that the end of October is coming near!  This week should be an exciting week for the children.   Wednesday is an Early Release Day.  Students may come to school in an appropriate costume.  Please no masks, weapons, or costumes that may interfere with your child’s comfort and learning. On Wednesday we will have holiday-appropriate learning centers in kindergarten as well.

Happy birthday to Lillian!

We had a first grader come in to read to us last week!  Thank you to our visiting reader!

The fall weather has been so good to us and we’ve enjoyed getting outside for most recesses.  As the weather gets colder, please be sure to send your child in with a coat as we will be going out even when the days are colder.

Unit 2 of our math will be coming to an end this week. The children have done a great job counting 0-10, writing numbers 0-10, and demonstrating their learning in our math centers.  I seem to have several pictures from our math centers. Enjoy!

Sorting Dominoes!














In the pictures below the children are playing a game. One child spins the spinner and then turns the card over that matches the ten frame on the spinner.







Students used bears and cubes to compare amounts.  They circled the group that was greater than the other.

















In our Poetry Journals the children illustrated a pumpkin song, Once I had a Pumpkin. Ask your child to sing you this song. The children had fun drawing the illustrations for this song.

Last week in our Fundations lessons the children learned about the handwriting guide and they practiced capital and lowercase Tt. They started to complete pages in their Fundations Student Notebooks.  This week our lessons will include Bb and Ff.  The sight words I and see were also introduced.  The children have their own reading bags in school and they will be spending some time “reading” the books in their bags.  At this point in time, the books are emergent readers that they have made in school.

Mrs. Manganis’ lesson last week was lots of fun.  The children greeted a friend who had the same picture.  The Mystery Box had a new breathing exercise.  This may be one of my favorites so far!  She also read the book Thinking with Your Eyes. Ask your child to tell you about the story and explain why Mrs. Manganis also had a backpack as part of her lesson!
Have a great week! Let me know if you have any questions!

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October Updates

Good afternoon families!  We’ve been having some great fun learning in kindergarten!   It’s hard to imagine that we are more than halfway through October already!  I usually come away from each week with a limited amount of photos but the ones I’ve taken will hopefully allow you to get a snapshot of the learning that is taking place. Enjoy your weekend!

We continue to enjoy our meetings each week with Mrs. Manganis.   Please click on the link below to read her letter to families.  Each week she does a greeting and often will read a story or play a game with the children. Last week our book was The Group Plan.  We learned that often our class may have a “group plan” and it is up to everyone to keep in mind the plan and not stray from it. We will be using this terminology often as many times during our day the class has a “group plan”. You may refer to the “group plan” in your family activites as well.  Our greeting this week was to roll a ball and say your name once it was received. The children then all took turns saying hello to each other.

Family Letter from Mrs. Manganis

The children have been learning the October Chant and October Words. During our Writing Workshop the children have been learning ways to label their pictures. One way is to write the letter for the first sound in the word. They also learned that words around our room may be copied to help them label their pictures.

The October Chant is read each morning by the helpers of the day! Poems and Songs we learn are put into our Poetry Journals and illustrated.




Ask your child to tell you all about the ways to a happy classroom!





Next week we will begin our Fundations program.  Fundations provides a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling with phonics. Each week I will send the Fundations letters home. These letters will contain updates, program information, and activity suggestions.  In class, the children will be learning the letter names, sounds, and handwriting for each capital and lowercase letter. As we are learning the letters, the children will also be expected to begin to use the lowercase letters when they write their names. The letters are not taught in the order of the alphabet.

In our math lessons, we continue to learn about the numbers 0-10.  The children have been rotating through multisensory centers each day after our whole group lessons.  Next week, #’s 8, 9, and 10 will be explored. We will also spend several days comparing quantities, using greater than and less than and equal to describe the quantities. Here are some pictures of the center activities.








































In Social Studies we have been discussing citizens and what makes a good citizen. Ask your child about being a citizen and how they can be a good citizen. We will begin our exploration of the community and will be creating maps.  If you have any maps from hikes, parks, or other various places that you visit, please feel free to send them in for us to collect for our studies. Thank you!

HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA – Wednesday, 10/30 (This is the Early Release Day, not Halloween)
Please send in a $1.00 donation for our Annual Adopt a Family.

This year, TES will provide the opportunity for students and staff to wear costumes on Wednesday, October 30th – Halloween! In order to make the day a success, we have developed a few guidelines.

Most importantly, all costumes must be school appropriate.

All students participating must come to school dressed in their costumes. Students should not bring makeup or hair products to school.

Basic Costume Don’t’s:
Costumes may not have parts that interfere with learning. This means no masks or costumes that restrict movement or vision or prevent sitting at desks. Costumes must not obstruct movement in the hallways.
Costumes may not promote violence or have accessories or props that could be used as a weapon.
We are looking forward to everyone following the guidelines, coming up with creative costumes, and having fun!

Friendly Reminder: Please do not send food or candy to school.


Monday, November 4th 11:10-11:40 our class will attend the Book Fair. Parents are invited to join us to shop with their children if they are available. More information will be coming home next week.


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