Late February Updates

Happy almost end of vacation everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a nice vacation week.  Hopefully, everyone is healthy and I hope we return to a germ-free classroom! I am looking forward to seeing all of the children!

While I have not seen any of these books, I find that the Dad Suggests blog is usually

full of interesting games and reads. He highlights some interesting books in his current blog.

We’ve finished our first unit in our Fundation lessons.  We combined Unit 1 and Unit 2 together and will continue to Unit 3 this week.  In this unit, we will continue to learn how to blend and read three-sound words. The children will also learn to listen for the vowel sound in words to distinguish short or long vowel sounds. The trick words in this unit include: the, a, and, are, to, is, his, as, has, and was.  The children have been working in their Student Notebooks, practicing handwriting and make words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. We will be finishing up these books and continuing lessons that allow the children to practice handwriting skills forming letters with the correct formation and placement on the handwriting grid.








This week we will be finishing up a quick unit on subtraction.  Have no fear! We will revisit subtraction again before the end of the year!  While on the subject of math, I’d like to introduce you to Bedtime Math a great website for some daily math practice.  The math problems include different levels for a variety of ages so children of various ages can all get involved!

Bedtime Math Parent Flyer

Bedtime Math Mobile Apps

I will also be sending home the homework pages which accompany our math lessons.  Participation will be optional, however, these pages provide a great way for you to support the math lessons that are taking place in school! You will notice a small HW in the lower corner of these papers. If you return these in your child’s folder, I’ll be sure to give your child a shout out for completing the work! Here are a few fun photos from our recent math lessons.  The children are having discussions and creating subtraction stories.









In these pictures, to the left, the boys are creating addition stories using ladybugs.


We’ve been busy learning about Force and Motion in our Science lessons.  In these photos, the girls are doing an investigation to determine which bag of marbles needed more force to make them go into motion. We will continue to discuss Force and Motion in our science lessons in the coming weeks.


These photos were taken during learning stations that support literacy.  The children love to use teamwork to build floor puzzles!









The children had some fun on our play day. I loved the comments from the children that day. They were so excited to have an afternoon to play! They kept us busy changing paper at the easel! I loved the teamwork at the hopscotch puzzle!










Here are a few more from our hundredth day of school. I look forward to seeing these smiling faces on Monday! Please drop me a line if you wish to sign up for the Adventure Packs. They are in circulation and many of the children have expressed an interest in bringing them home. Also, our Mystery Readers will begin this week! I will continue to be in touch with families that have expressed an interest to schedule your visit.  Please feel free to drop me a note if you’d like to be added as a Guest Reader! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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