June is here!

Dear Parents,

Good afternoon and happy June! I’ve got a few updates regarding the last few days of our school year together. Last week, when you picked up your child’s bag of belongings from school, you should have received all of your child’s notebooks and journals. Continue to allow your child to utilize these journals throughout the summer, adding science, math, or writing into your child’s daily experiences. Your child’s report card that you would have received on March 13th had we been in school was also included in the materials from school. I also retrieved any items that were found in your child’s locker. Your child’s headphones will be passed on to first grade.

Our final Google Meet will be held on Wednesday, June 10th at 2:00 pm. During this meeting, I will be sharing a slideshow of pictures from our time together in kindergarten. Families are invited to watch together as we end our Kindergarten year. On Thursday and Friday, there will be parades at our school – one for 5th graders on Thursday, and one for Prek-4th graders on Friday. Be sure to read Mrs. Cavanaugh’s email for details about the parade! I hope to see you there on Friday!

Mrs. Cavanaugh will be scheduling some dates for materials to be dropped off to school. If you have any library books, reading bags, sight word rings, or Reading Adventure Packs at your home, I ask that you please arrange to have these dropped off at school.  Please label them with my name.  Thank you so much.

As summer approaches and we wind down our school year, I wanted to leave you with some resources for you to help you  continue your child’s learning through the summer. Your children need a break to enjoy the summer and leave behind the demands of assignments that is true. There are many ways that you may keep them learning with fun activities. Reading is important to keep as a priority throughout the summer to prevent summer slide.   “The research is clear that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect.” (Reading Rockets) I believe your Headsprouts and EPIC accounts should remain available until the end of June . Great news! Starting July 1st, all families who have signed up for Remote Student Access through an invitation from their teacher will be able to enjoy a brand-new service, Epic Free, which includes 2 hours of free reading per week in a limited library of high-quality, educational books. There is nothing more that you need to do — RSA family accounts will automatically transition to Epic Free on July 1, allowing them to keep reading on Epic through the summer and beyond. Get the details here > To kick off summer reading on Epic Free, our resident librarian has compiled our top picks by age group — from emerging readers to advanced readers. This is a great way for  you to  encourage the love of reading all summer long! See the list >

I’ve heard that the Tyngsborough Public Library is doing curbside pick up. You may wish to check with them to see if it is possible for your child to get their library card. You may have to wait for the library to open, I am not sure of their current policy.  This has always been a fun trip for the kindergarteners at the end of the school year and they are very excited to have their own card. (First graders are eligible for their own library card and yes you will all have first graders in your home! )

Take a look at the Reading Rockets link here for some more great ideas for  Summer Activities .

Check out the link below for some great information to learn about Bedtime Math.

Bedtime Math Improves Math Performance

If you do not follow Dad Suggests yet, please take a look. He is often reviewing children’s books and games. I really enjoy his blog posts.

The calendar below has some great daily activities for June. A calendar is also available for July. Next week’s lessons will also include summer calendars for math ideas.

I can’t believe that this kindergarten year is coming to an end. I have truly enjoyed getting to know each of your children and watching them learn and grow. They have come a long way and have grown up so much. I am proud of each and every one of them. I look forward to hearing from them in the future and hope to see them again in the halls of TES!

Early Literacy Activity Calendar: June 2020

Early Literacy Activity Calendar: July 2020


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May news and updates.

Good evening families!

I hope this update finds you all healthy and safe.

Can you believe that we have just completed 6 weeks of learning from home? When we originally were notified of school closure, we anticipated it to be for two weeks. As of tomorrow, we only have 6 more weeks of the 2019-2020 school year. At some point, I expect some information about picking up your child’s school supplies. I don’t anticipate this will be before June.

This has certainly been a challenging time. I love seeing your children in our Google Meets and I enjoy seeing their enthusiasm for learning but most importantly that they are happy and healthy. They have continued to learn and grow. I am excited to see that they are meeting many of the developmental milestones that are so important to all kindergarteners- tying their own shoes, losing teeth, riding bikes without training wheels, and reading on their own! You are providing your children with wonderful and meaningful experiences – cooking together, gardening, exploring the great outdoors- and making memories that your child will cherish. I miss your children more than you can imagine.  I miss the classroom environment and I miss being able to work with your children in person.  You have all done an amazing job by making time for their learning!  I understand that there may be many challenges.  The most important thing is to know that you are doing the best that you can for your children

Important Changes:

When our school closure began just over 6 weeks ago, schools started out by offering enrichment experiences for students. When the closure was extended, we transitioned to a Remote Learning Model where content that has already been taught was reviewed and practiced. Now that school buildings are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, we are making one final transition. Through Remote Learning, teachers will be delivering new content. We will be teaching standards that have been identified as Prerequisite Content Standards by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. These standards are being taught to help our students be prepared for the next grade level; which in our case is First Grade.

What can I expect for this next phase of learning?

All schoolwork will continue to be assigned through the Google Classroom. You will continue to see the daily morning message on the Stream. You will continue to see that all of the weekly activities are available on Mondays under Classwork.  The format of the lessons will remain the same. You will click on the weekly activity document and from there you can read the instructions and access the printables, songs, games, and stories. You can plan out your week according to your own family’s needs. The week’s work will be due on Sunday to give you the entire week if needed. You will continue to upload your child’s completed work in Google Classroom. If you have not been uploading work yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so. The school is operating under a credit/no credit grading system and I need to have some of your student’s work in order to give your child credit. The easiest way to upload work is to download the Google Classroom app for your phone.

“Prerequisite Standards ” identified by the state have been built into our assignments each week. I will also incorporate lessons to address these standards during our Google Meet sessions. Participation in Google Meets and/or completion of schoolwork is strongly recommended to give your child the best possible start as they head into first grade.

With that being said, please know that I understand the challenges that you are facing at home. Please do what you can, when you can.  If you are experiencing challenges with helping your child learn at home, please know that the ordinary things you do every day are learning opportunities for your kindergartener. Learning should be fun and meaningful to your child. If the activities are too difficult or are creating stress for your learner, you can pick and choose what is best for your child, in your home, in your situation. The curriculum for First Grade in the fall is being modified to meet the needs of your children knowing that the school closure has impacted learning. The first-grade teachers will meet your children where they are and teach your child what he/she needs to know. Please do not worry about your child’s readiness for first grade. I will continue to provide you with the tools you need to prepare your child for first grade. Together we can support learning for your child.

Last Friday, I sent out information for Splash Math, an online platform for math. The program allows me to view your child’s assessment results and determine activities to support their learning. I am also able to design Google Meets and future assignments to meet the needs of our learners. I will also be sending out information this week for Headsprouts which is also a learning platform which is a K-2 supplemental program that ensures reading success for every child. This program is also optional. Involvement in Splash Math and Headsprouts are highly recommended, but they are optional supplemental programs for your child. I encourage you to participate but your child’s involvement is not a requirement moving forward.

EPIC! is also a supplemental program. EPIC! is the leading digital library for kids offering unlimited access to 40,000 of the best children’s books of all time. If you wish for me to assign leveled books for your child on this platform, please let me know and I will assign books relative to the last assessment that was completed prior to our school closure. To date, many of the literature which I have assigned has been books related to our themes or books for enjoyment.

On Wednesdays from 2:00-2:30 I will maintain an open time for you to check-in with me and ask questions or have your child read a book to the group, share an assignment, or to explain any difficulties your child may be having with me. I will post a Google Meet link just prior to the Meet time. This time on Wednesday will be a parent/student-directed meeting.  If your child or you have questions, I will be available.

I will post a May Journal in the morning for your child. This activity is optional. I would encourage your to provide your child with many opportunities for reading and writing moving forward. I would also encourage you to let your child write words phonetically. It is expected in kindergarten that the children write words the way they are heard. Promoting independence, while it may be difficult, allows your child to be brave with spelling words. When I am reviewing your child’s writing assignments, I am looking for a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, finger spaces between words, mostly lower case letters, unless your child has used someone’s name or the word I, and also punctuation at the end of the sentence. By the end of the school year, I would also expect for your child to know the kindergarten sight words and also use their correct spelling in their writing assignments.  We will be completing some writing prompts in our Google Meets this month. Your child may bring their May Journal to the Google Meet. If they do not have a journal a plain piece of paper will do.

During this coming week, your child will be learning the numbers 11-19. Each day we will listen to a video complete some counting activities, and also write these numbers.  To prepare for the Google Meets, please assemble a small kit with 19 manipulatives (pick one: buttons, blocks, rocks, gems, or any small manipulative to be counted). Please also create a double ten frame on a piece of paper or print out this reproducible if you have a printer available to you. Double Ten Frame

I will be submitting a Scholastic Book order this month. If you wish to order books for your child please go to this link Scholastic Book Clubs and use the class code GNNJ3. Orders will be due by Friday, May 8, 2020. This is a great time to get some new books for your child’s reading shelf and also to start stocking up books for summer reading. I will deliver books to you or you may be able to have them shipped directly to your home. If you have any questions, please let me know.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your questions, comments, and concerns. I will do my best to make sure the end of our Kindergarten year together is a positive experience for us all.

Have a great week!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Strauss

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Let’s Spring into April with New Information!

Dear Families,

As you know we have some changes happening with our remote learning this week.  Please be sure to read the email from the school district (Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Branco) thoroughly. It contains important information for you about upcoming live online meetings and the district’s transition to using the Google Classroom for teacher-student communication. Here is Dr. Branco’s letter: Home Learning Resources

The following links will help to inform you of how we are planning to help you to transition to Google Classroom and why. All four of these links have important information to help make this transition a comfortable one for you.  I am available at any time if you are having trouble. We also have tech support available if I am not able to help you. This is a learning curve for me as well. We are in this together!

Transitioning to Google Classroom      Why the Change?        Accessing the Google Classroom

Using the Google Classroom App On Your Phone

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I look forward to seeing the children on Google Meet this week.

If you haven’t already, please complete this Remote Learning Survey.

Thank you for all you are doing to support your child’s learning at home. Please reach out to me if you are having any trouble or concerns as we transition this week.

Mrs. Strauss

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Hello families,

Today we will begin our second week of Distance Learning. It was great to see the pictures of the kids and their projects!  They looked like they were having fun and I loved seeing their smiles!

This morning, I sent this week’s plan and the associated activities. We have another great week of activities planned for the children!  Like last week, each morning you will receive a daily message for you and your child to read together. Links to activities will be included in each day’s message.

Continue to check out the Learn at Home Tab. I’ll also continue to update that tab with activities during the school closure.

Week 2 Plans  Fundations Journal Writing Paper (1)

tic tac toe board ScavengerHunts

If you have access to a printer, the paper below is ideal for practicing handwriting.

Composition_Paper_Landscape_Large (1)

Tyngsborough Elementary School’s, Kathy Cook, has her own webpage to help parents during the school closure. Kathy is an occupational therapist with 18 years of experience. These activities are adaptable for ages 3-10 years old.  Play, Learn, Shine, Occupational Therapy and Handwriting Activities for Kids This site offers great ideas for parents and many of the activities do not involve the computer. I highly recommend following Kathy and trying some of the activities at home!

April 1 is Wednesday this week!  Have some fun with this April Calendar which is loaded with fun activities for your kindergartener!

Early Literacy Activity Calendar: April 2020

If you are feeling a little cooped up and feel the need to travel this week, check out the field trips below!  Also on our Learn at Home tab, I have also put a calendar that includes virtual field trips for last week and this week!  Enjoy!

25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids—Spring 2020


Please reach out with your questions or concerns!

Enjoy your week ahead!

Mrs. Strauss

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Hello Families and Kindergartners!

Good morning!

By now you have all heard that Governor Baker has extended school closures in Massachusetts until May 4th. These school closures are certainly forcing us all to make the best of a very difficult situation. I hope that you and your family have been able to stay healthy.  For now, I will continue sending you a weekly plan on Monday filled with activities and resources for you to implement at home. The activities are fun and should be manageable for your child to complete.  If I receive any instructions from Dr. Flanagan that is going to change this procedure, I’ll let you know as soon as I have that information. Other resources that have been posted are for you if you are looking for more to fill your day. The Learning at Home tab at the top of this page will provide you with many enrichment activities to keep your little one learning and occupied.

Below are a few of the websites we would visit in our classroom together. I hope these familiar songs bring some peace to the children today!

Good morning song

Miss Molly’s Sight Words

Just Be Mindful Song

Positive/Relaxing Background Music

The weather looks nice for the next few days! Here is a fun set of scavenger hunts for you! I miss you all! Don’t forget to be kind and show your STRIPES at home! Keep sending me pictures!  They brighten my day! I miss you all!

GetMovinScavengerHunts (1)

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Good afternoon families. I hope that you are all well and have the resources you need to make these next couple of weeks comfortable for you and your family. Given the circumstances, I hope that we can all work together to do what’s best for your children and your family.

The administrative team at TES has been working this weekend to come up with a plan for moving forward. I am waiting to hear from them for direction.  I will be in contact with you as soon as I am updated.

Several families have contacted me with questions and suggestions. I promise you that I will do my best to support you in whatever way I can.  There are several sites online that I have seen are offering free access during the school shutdowns.  I would recommend taking advantage of these offers.  Mystery Science, Vooks, Brain Pop, and Age of Learning (ABC Mouse) are a few to take a look at.

READ to your child!  Have your child read to you! Read together! Talk about books!

Last week we had discussions about character traits. The children learned about character traits that are on the inside and those that are on the outside. We made a character trait map about me and then they made their own about themselves. The children were just exposed to this last week, with the intent that our discussions would continue this week. When you are reading together at home, think about the characters and the character traits that could be assigned to the main character in your story.

Please be safe and practice social distancing as much as possible. I will be in touch, hopefully soon!  Please give your children my best, let them know that I am safe, and I send wishes for all of you to stay safe and healthy.

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March is here!

March is here!  We’ve been so lucky to have been able to get the kids out on the playground so much this winter. With the absence of the snow, cross your fingers that we will have an early spring.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, we will have a Jump for Heart Event. As a reminder, here is the information from Mrs. Breen.

All kindergarten classes will participate in fun physical activity stations for about 1 hour in the gym.  (This day is also a scheduled early release day.)

You can help make this day more enjoyable for your child by doing the following:

  • Ensuring they have a healthy breakfast so they have the energy for the activities
  • Helping them dress appropriately, including:
    • Sneakers
    • Pants that allow for a lot of movement
    • Layers that are labeled so they can wear short sleeves when they get hot
  • Sending in a water bottle that is labeled and doesn’t leak

We look forward to this event and know the kindergarteners will enjoy exercising to stay healthy.


Amy Breen

Kindergarten Special Subject Teacher

The sight words this week will be so, and no. We will also take this opportunity to review go. In Unit 3 of our Fundations lessons we will continue to build cvc words.

Please click on the link below to view the March Literacy Calendar.

March 2020 Early Literacy Activity Calendar

I stated last week that we would be finishing up our unit on subtraction. This was an error. We will be working on subtraction through the end of next week. Sorry for the confusion.

The children had a great time making Washington, D.C. pamphlets as part of our Social Studies curriculum. Warning! They may be asking you for a visit to the Capitol City!



















We had a great visit sharing our subtraction stories with Mrs. Sword’s class last week. The children drew their own stories and solved them. They were able to compare their stories and determine how they were similar and different.







ThA big thank you to Mrs. Athanas for reading to our class this week!  The children enjoyed trying to figure out who our Mystery Reader was! We enjoyed listening to you read Who’s On First? and Fox In Socks!

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Late February Updates

Happy almost end of vacation everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a nice vacation week.  Hopefully, everyone is healthy and I hope we return to a germ-free classroom! I am looking forward to seeing all of the children!

While I have not seen any of these books, I find that the Dad Suggests blog is usually


full of interesting games and reads. He highlights some interesting books in his current blog.

We’ve finished our first unit in our Fundation lessons.  We combined Unit 1 and Unit 2 together and will continue to Unit 3 this week.  In this unit, we will continue to learn how to blend and read three-sound words. The children will also learn to listen for the vowel sound in words to distinguish short or long vowel sounds. The trick words in this unit include: the, a, and, are, to, is, his, as, has, and was.  The children have been working in their Student Notebooks, practicing handwriting and make words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. We will be finishing up these books and continuing lessons that allow the children to practice handwriting skills forming letters with the correct formation and placement on the handwriting grid.








This week we will be finishing up a quick unit on subtraction.  Have no fear! We will revisit subtraction again before the end of the year!  While on the subject of math, I’d like to introduce you to Bedtime Math a great website for some daily math practice.  The math problems include different levels for a variety of ages so children of various ages can all get involved!

Bedtime Math Parent Flyer

Bedtime Math Mobile Apps

I will also be sending home the homework pages which accompany our math lessons.  Participation will be optional, however, these pages provide a great way for you to support the math lessons that are taking place in school! You will notice a small HW in the lower corner of these papers. If you return these in your child’s folder, I’ll be sure to give your child a shout out for completing the work! Here are a few fun photos from our recent math lessons.  The children are having discussions and creating subtraction stories.









In these pictures, to the left, the boys are creating addition stories using ladybugs.


We’ve been busy learning about Force and Motion in our Science lessons.  In these photos, the girls are doing an investigation to determine which bag of marbles needed more force to make them go into motion. We will continue to discuss Force and Motion in our science lessons in the coming weeks.


These photos were taken during learning stations that support literacy.  The children love to use teamwork to build floor puzzles!









The children had some fun on our play day. I loved the comments from the children that day. They were so excited to have an afternoon to play! They kept us busy changing paper at the easel! I loved the teamwork at the hopscotch puzzle!










Here are a few more from our hundredth day of school. I look forward to seeing these smiling faces on Monday! Please drop me a line if you wish to sign up for the Adventure Packs. They are in circulation and many of the children have expressed an interest in bringing them home. Also, our Mystery Readers will begin this week! I will continue to be in touch with families that have expressed an interest to schedule your visit.  Please feel free to drop me a note if you’d like to be added as a Guest Reader! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Love is in, in February!

We’ve got a busy week ahead! February 5th is Play Day at school!  Wednesday afternoon we will have an afternoon of play.  The children will have an afternoon of free play to support Global School Play Day! There are many games in our classroom and materials for play.  We will not be accepting any toys from home.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_mini_180b.jpg Friday is our 100th day of school!  Activities in school will support counting to 100!

Valentine’s Day is Friday, February 14th.  I will send home a list for students to use for valentine preparations.  I am also attaching this information below in case you need to refer to it. Please contact me if you have any questions. We will decorate bags in school for the children to keep their valentines in. I have included Haylee on the valentine list.  I will send her valentines home with her cousin.  It will be nice for her to know we are still thinking of her.

Strauss Parent Letter     Strauss Valentine List 2020

Dad suggests recently had some great articles that I am sharing here!  dad suggest

Have a great week!

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